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These 11 "Passion Practices" bring the spark back to your
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7 Reasons To Fan The Flames Of Desire In Your Life...

  • If you don’t get interested in sex, your relationship may suffer. (Research shows the number one reason husbands cheat is they don’t feel desired).
  • Sex boosts your feel-good hormones, activates "happy" brain chemicals and affects every aspect of your life. (Better moods, less stress, more life balance).
  • Sex is a healthy part of life and relationships. (It conveys connection, security and is an important way that lovers communicate).
  • It makes you feel passion and passion makes us feel alive. (Passion is something many people feel is missing in their lives).
  • Sex increases your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Orgasm is an important part of women’s health. (Also a lot of fun!)
  • Your vagina is an organ - use it or lose it. (Just like all of your other organs).

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