Dr. Jen’s Endless Energy Program

Dr. Jen's Endless Energy ProgramThree Weeks to Endless Energy Program


Dr. Jen’s three-week, online training program to help amp up your energy, stabilize your mood, find more focus, balance your hormones, and kick sugar cravings for good.

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Program Description

Three Weeks to Endless Energy

The Endless Energy Program includes exclusive access to a private membership site with training videos, guides, recipes and personal support from me to help you regain your energy and start feeling like yourself again.

I designed this program to help you…

  • Endless Energy womanPower through your day
  • Get and stay active
  • Show up for yourself, your family and your friends
  • Get focused about your career and goals
  • Enjoy happier, calmer moods
  • Kick sugar cravings
  • Have greater recall and think more quickly
  • Look better – with clearer and brighter skin
  • Have fewer aches and pains
  • No longer have “food comas”
  • Lose weight – and keep it off
  • Sleep better than you have in years

The Three Weeks to Endless Energy Program comes with:

  • Three weekly training videos where I walk you through each step of the Endless Energy Program
  • Full written transcripts and downloadable audio recordings of all three videos
  • Three weeks of email support to help keep you on track and support you along the way
  • A private Facebook group just for members, where you can ask me your questions direct!
  • Guides to creating a great-tasting protein shake, including a recipe guide and video
  • Guides to choosing the very best supplements, tailored to your energy state
  • A Dining “How to” guide that details how many grams of protein, carbs, and healthy fats you should eat at each meal, with examples of what this should look like on your plate
  • Guides covering the best fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, and herbs & spices to eat for more energy, including serving sizes
  • Recipes for More Energy: A booklet containing my favorite energy-boosting recipes to help you succeed during the program
  • Guides on how to ditch sugar and caffeine, including tips on how to conquer cravings
  • Guides on how to drop gluten and dairy, including information on where these foods are commonly hidden and tasty alternatives
  • The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity: Why the Tests are Often Wrong, a guide by celiac and gluten expert Dr. Tom O’Bryan

This program also contains these incredible bonuses:

  • Adrenal Health (and Adrenal Fatigue): An audio seminar on restoring your adrenal health by managing stress in all areas of your life. This bonus includes the full written seminar transcript, notes on adrenal health, a stress inventory review, and my hormone assessment quiz.
  • All About Your Thyroid: An audio seminar to help you understand how your thyroid works and support your thyroid health. This bonus includes the full written seminar transcript, notes on thyroid health, and “Overcoming Hashimoto’s Fatigue,” a guide by thyroid specialist Izabella Wentz.
  • Seven Strategies to Get to Sleep Fast and Sleep all Night: An hour long video with a read-along guide that covers why sleep is important and my top seven tips for getting great sleep.
  • Seven Secrets to Cut Out Stress and Have More Energy: A 70 minute video with a read-along guide that covers how stress damages your body and my top seven tips to managing stress.

This program works for my patients, and it can work for you too…

Here’s what will happen immediately after you purchase:

First, I’ll send you an email with a username and password to login to your private members area, where you’ll get instant access to everything you need to prepare for your three week program.

In a few days, you’ll receive your first training video, with your Week One guides. Over the course of the program, I’ll support you with my favorite tips and tricks to help you succeed.

At the end of the three week program, I’ll send you information to help you transform the five steps of the Three Weeks to Endless Energy program into permanent, lasting change.

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