Dr. Jen’s Rewire Your Desire Program

Dr. Jen's Rewire Your Desire ProgramRewire Your Desire


Dr. Jen’s six-week online training program to help women reclaim their sexual health, restore your energy, shift their mood, and regain their passion for life.

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Program Description

Rewire Your Desire

Dr. Jen’s Rewire Your Desire Program includes exclusive access to a private membership site with six weeks of training videos, guides, and support to help you regain your sexual health and your passion for life.

More than 40% of all women experience reduced sex drive at some point in their lives.


We’re led to believe it’s natural for us to lose our drive at a certain point, that it’s part of growing older.

But you know what? It’s not true!

A lot of women tell me they’ve lost more than just their sex drive, they’ve lost their spark, their zest for life. I treat patients like this every day in my office. And I love helping them get their spark back.

Loss of passion and desire can lead to feelings of low self esteem, resentment toward our partners, lethargy and reduced energy, stress, and even depression.

I lost my own sex drive at the age of 28, and even though I was an OB/GYN, I had no idea what to do! The tools just weren’t there.

Which is why I created the Rewire Your Desire Program – I wanted to get my passion and drive back, and I wanted to help other women who had found themselves in the same place as me. When I lost my drive, I was afraid, and embarrassed to ask for help. I needed a solution but didn’t even know where to start.

That’s when I knew that if I really wanted to help women, I was going to have to learn more about what goes into good health – rather than just how to treat the symptoms of people who are already sick.

This program is for people who want their drive back, and are willing to make some changes to make that happen. In this six-week program, you’ll learn about:

  • When it’s OK (even essential) to put yourself first
  • One simple dietary change you can make today and start seeing results tomorrow
  • The lost art of female sensuality – and how it can change your life
  • How to quickly and easily rewire your mind for sex
  • Simple techniques for staying in the moment during sex – instead of letting your mind drift off to all those things you have to take care of
  • How to find and flip your sex switch
  • Sex-Friendly Habits that have the added bonus of being great for your health!
  • Easy, natural ways to adjust and balance your hormones
  • How thyroid and adrenal health affect your passion and drive

The Rewire Your Desire Program comes with:

    • Four weekly training videos where I walk you through each step of the Rewire Your Desire Program
    • Full written transcripts and downloadable audio recordings of all four videos
    • Weekly handouts and “homework” to keep you motivated
    • Email support to help keep you on track and support you along the way
    • A private online journal for you to record your thoughts and inspirations as you go through the program
    • A Free Fitness Video and Exercise Roadmap from JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert
    • Bonus guides on everything from sex after baby to Yoga poses that will enhance your receptivity to sex

Plus these two bonus weeks to take you further in your journey to sexual health:

  • product-adrenalBonus Week – Adrenal Health (and Adrenal Fatigue): An audio seminar on restoring your adrenal health by managing stress in all areas of your life. This seminar includes a full written transcript, notes on adrenal health, and a stress inventory review.
  • Bonus Week – All About Your Thyroid: An audio seminar to help you understand how your thyroid works and support your thyroid health. This bonus includes the full written seminar transcript, notes on thyroid health, and “Overcoming Hashimoto’s Fatigue,” a guide by thyroid specialist Izabella Wentz.

This program works. It worked for me, it works for my patients, and it can work for you…

“Although I’m 68, I feel and look much younger, but went through some rough times the last couple years and for the first time in my life lost my libido during the last year. Your information makes a lot of sense and resonates with my thinking and lifestyle, so thank you for stepping out with this topic to help women and men regain a most important part of their life together!” – Caroline M.

“My birthday was yesterday and I thought, what better gift to give to myself and my relationship than this? And it is strange, even just having it on my radar to focus on has made a difference…in one day…and night!…You are awesome and I feel like I have a new big sis that I can turn to about things I wouldn’t even talk about with my real big sister…You are a role model in more ways than one. Best birthday present to myself, ever!” – Victoria C.

“I think that what you are doing for women is AWESOME! Thank you for doing what you do.” – Lana H.

“I am so happy I found you guys. I feel like I have a new best friend who is brilliant and has the answers to all my tough girly questions.” Lucy P.

“Oh my goodness, just listened to replay of Dr. Jen…she so rocks! She does such a great job. She gives such great information, delivers it so smoothly and makes it easy to understand, and she talks about things that many find it difficult to bring up or ask questions about.” – Kelli H.

“I would love for all the women in the world to know about Dr. Jen’s program and have access to such useful information to change their lives for the best!” – Amanda C.

Here’s what will happen immediately after you purchase:

First, I’ll send you an email with a username and password to login to your private members area, where you’ll get instant access to your bonus guides so you can prepare for your six week program.

In a few days, you’ll receive your first training video, along with your Week One homework and guides. Over the course of the six week program, I’ll be there to support you and help you succeed.

As you go through the program, you’ll watch all those negative feelings dissolve and be replaced with understanding and compassion for yourself.

Your relationships will take on an immediate spark, you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll start feeling sexy again – and trust me, your partner is in for a big (happy) surprise…

Click the button below to begin your journey to a passion-filled life…

I’m Ready to Rewire My Desire


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